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New year

2016  was an extraordinary year! A year full in all ways. We firmed ourselves on market of the private tourism and developed according with the profile of each customer , we were nominated by Luxury Travel Guide and won on the category of tourism in Europe, we realized  new partnerships, we’ve made more loyal customers and we have realized our ambition of becaming a travel agency also.

The plans for 2017 are too many. We want continue the journey and firm our company at the american, african and north european markets. We want todevelop mor and more activities with companies in Portugal to give more and better experiences to our customers, alias, keep our big differential.

2017 will be also year of “clean the house”, but about this matter you will have to wait more for news.

The year that starts now  has a lot of work to be developed, lots of experiencies to be realised and many smiles to give. If 2016 was awesome, we want that 2017 be, better, with health, happiness and a lot of will for travel and to have new experiences.

Happy new year!

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