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  • What is included in the services?

    “Mauro Montenegro”, aiming to provide higher quality service, ensures to the customer transport in a high comfort and luxury vehicles that have bottled water and free wifi and that will have a private monitoring from a member of our staff always ready to find a solution for each question.
  • I am looking for something very specific, i can not find nothing that gives me a intire satisfaction, is it possible to develop a personalized script?

    Yes! Much more than customizable, we want you have with us an authentic experience in our company. So from the beginning we have been developing, too, partnerships with companies in various areas so you can make from your stay in Portugal a unique moment in your life.
  • About your company: is legalized?

    Absolutely! Our company are legalized and with all registers and insurances on day. You can find our register on Turismo de Portugal (Portugal Tourism office) with the license number 507/2014.
  • By contracting you i’ll be covered for some insurance?

    In our company we value above all the transportation safety of our customers. Beyond our vehicles are fully assisted in the workshop of the brand, the insurance of the car is the most expensive of the market, ie “against own damage”. But not only, our activity requires that we have supplementary insurances such as liability and personal accident. All insurances are provided by Liberty Insurance.
  • What is the differential to perform a service with you in relation to other companies on the market?

    What we can guarantee is undoubtedly a tailor-made experience measure in comfort and with a team that will be much more than a driver or guide, that is, will be virtually an advisor, someone with deep knowledge of history, culture, gastronomy , people, wine and even current themes, someone that will always be available to help you in whatever is feasible.
  • Why hire a private service at the expense of a tour by bus?

    ADD_CONTENT_HEREAre two services with different qualities. With us the contact with the guide will always be much more personal, you can adjust the time in the way that suits you, will not have to meet the tight times that traditional tours require and, above all, know places where larger vehicles do not pass or are not allowed to circulate.
  • I’m in a group of 12 people. Will be possible to perform the service with you?

    Although our cars as 8 seats available for a maximum of 7 people, for you maintain a closer contact with members of our team. In this case we can choose to put at your disposal several cars or, thanks to our business partners, we can make your tours in larger vehicles. However, our customers will always be accompanied by members of our team.
  • I’m having trouble knowing what hotel should I stay, can you help me?

    Yes! We exist to give primasia to your satisfaction. Not only we can develop your script as well as help you find your hotel.
  • In case i need any help for choose the hotel or develop my script, this help have any associated cost?

    No! This service is something that we offer our customers.
  • How can I book the hotel?

    You can book with us at our website. Do you have a “Hotel Booking” link on footer. Clicking in this option will appear a little search box e after put the data, you will be redirected to While you are booking with us, you will do so with the confidence that Booking offers.
  • How can i contact you to explain what i need?

    You can do from three different ways: using our form in “Contact us” on our website (, by e-mail ( or calling us (+351 934 037 719).
  • And how can i book your services?

    We sugest to do that using our website ( or via e-mail (
  • How far in advance should make my reservation with you?

    Although we have no problem accepting your reservation one day before, we suggest you do so as soon as possible to ensure that everything will run as expected. However, we ask you to let us the number of passengers under the age of 12 years and / or less than 1,50cm so we can arrange the seats legally imposed.
  • What is the value to be paid at time of booking?

    Depends on chosen service and the number of services to be performed. For us, each case is different. Please contact us.
  • In case of cancellation of your services i’ll have any penalty?

    For us each case is unique, will always depend the kind of service, if has associated costs or not. Ask about your case, we’ll have the pleasure to clarify you.
  • How can I pay the reservation or services?

    You can do this in two ways, ie through Paypal or via bank transfer. We would like to inform you that need not have Paypal account to pay for through this platform, we also use this system to the customer pay with your credit card in a practical and extremely safe.